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Selangor is the most populated state in Malaysia and it is not short of tourist attractions either. Parks, recreational centres, waterfalls, historical sites and many more cause tourists to be spoilt for choice. Selangor is also famous for its world-class pewter products. Shopping lovers will be dazzled by the many modern shopping complexes stocking world-class products as well as night markets offering bargain goods.

Places of Interest

Natural Attractions
• Batu Caves
• Malaysia Agriculture Park
• Kampung Kuantan Firefly Display
• Templer’s Park, Gombak
• Ulu Yam Recreational Area
• Gunung Nuang Recreational Area
• Melawati Hill
• Kuala Selangor Nature Park
• Tekala River Waterfalls
• Tua River Recreational Forest
• Kanching Recreational Forest
• Pertak River Recreational Forest
• Congkak River Recreational Forest
• Ampang Recreational Forest
• Commonwealth Forest Park
• Tua River Waterfalls
• Sendat River Waterfalls

Islands & Beaches
• Ketam Island, Klang
• Carey Island, Kuala Langat
• Remis Beach, Kuala Selangor
• Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang
• Tanjung Harapan Beach
• Morib Beach

• National Zoo
• Sunway Lagoon
• The Mines Wonderland
• Shah Alam Lake Gardens
• Kampung Banghuris, Sepang
• Hulu Tamu Fruit Orchard

Towns & Infrastructure
• Orang Asli Museum
• Raja Tun Uda Library, Shah Alam
• Selangor State Museum, Shah Alam
• Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque, Shah Alam
• Istana Bandar, Kuala Langat
• Sultan Suleiman Building, Klang
• Keris Monument, Klang
• Jambatan Kota, Klang
• Istana Mahkota, Klang
• Sultan Alauddin Mosque, Kuala Langat
• Sultan Sulaiman Royal Mosque, Klang
• Raja Abdullah Bazaar, Klang
• Raja Mahadi Fort, Klang
• Rumah Pak Ali
• Shah Alam Gallery
• Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery, Klang
• Tin Museum
• Jugra Palace
• Kampung Endah
• Kuala Selangor
• Port Klang
• Kuala Lumpur International Airport
• Royal Selangor Pewter
• Kajang Sate Complex
• Sepang International Circuit

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