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Sarawak is famous for the Kenyalang bird or hornbill, which is rarely found in other states. The longest river in Malaysia, Rajang River, is found here. National parks, waterfalls, caves and native villages are other attractions. Jungle trekking offers a glimpse of the rich and abundant wildlife of Sarawak. The Niah Cave in Niah National Park houses the location of the oldest human remains found in Southeast Asia. The world’s largest cave passage, the largest cave system and the largest rock chamber can be found in the Gunung Mulu National Park.

Places of Interest

Towns & Infrastructure
• Kuching
• Sarawak Museum
• Fort Margherita
• Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong
• Pasar Tamu
• Handicraft Centre, Kuching
• The Astana
• State Mosque
• Square Tower
• Kuching Waterfront
• Courthouse
• The Pavilion
• Sarawak Islamic Museum
• Tua Pek Kong Temple
• Hong San Temple
• Permai Sarawak, Santubong
• Marudi Port

• Black Pepper Farms
• Santubong Water Village
• Gunung Mulu National Park
• Niah National Park
• Bako National Park
• Skrang River Safari
• Semenggoh Wildlife Sanctuary
• Bintawa Recreational Park
• Kg. Jepak Waterfall
• Lambir Hills National Park
• Lubang Angin Bau
• Lang Caves

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