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Sabah is renowned for Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. It is also home to some of Asia’s best beaches, islands and marine life. Sabah’s jungles house the world’s largest Orang Utan sanctuary and have unique flora and fauna. Tourists can also visit long houses where traditional lifestyles are still practised.

Sabah Places of Interest

Towns, Infrastructure & Recreation
• Pekan Semporna
• Agop Batu Tulug Museum
• Kasigui Village
• Sabah Foundation Building
• Marine Police Base
• Kudat
• Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman
• Rungus Long House
• Tamu Kota Belud
• State Mosque
• State Museum
• Filipino Market
• Likas Sports Complex
• Rafflesia Forest Reserve
• Kota Belud

Natural Attractions
Kinabalu Park
Kinabalu Park showcases a complete and interesting ecological system unrivalled anywhere else in the world. One can experience the tropical rainforests, the mountain and alpine forests, all in one place. Chalets, lodges and hostels are available within the park.
Gomantong Caves
The Gomantong limestone caves, once accessible only by a stream off the Kinabatangan River, have been harvested for the valuable bird’s nests for centuries. The harvesting of bird’s nests is today regulated by the Wildlife Department.
Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre
In the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, visitors can come in close contact with the “man of the forest”. 25km from Sandakan, the 43 sq km sanctuary was started in 1964 to help the once captive orangutan learn to fend for themselves in the wild
• Danum Valley
• Whitewater Rafting – Papar River, Kiulu River, Padas River
• Signal Hill

Islands & Beaches
• Berhala Island
• Bak-Bak Beach
• Layang-layang Island
• Likas Beach
• Mabul Island
• Gaya Island
• Penyu Island, Selingan
• Sipadan Island
• Tanjung Aru Beach

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