Perak covers an area of 21,000 sq km and has population of about 2 million.

For centuries, Perak has been well known for its rich tin deposits. It is believed that the state derived its name, which means silver in Malay, from the silvery tin ore.

The discovery of tin by Long Jaafar also brought about an influx of Chinese immigrants to Perak. Today, Perak has developed into a harmonious multi-racial society characterised by a diversity of language, culture and heritage.

Perak Area: 21 005 square km

Perak Capital: Ipoh

Perak Royal Town: Kuala Kangsar

Perak Administrative Divisions: Batang Padang, Manjung, Hilir Perak, Kerian, Kinta, Kuala Kangsar, Larut and Matang, Perak Tengah, Hulu Perak

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