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Negeri Sembilan is synonymous with the Minangkabau people. These early settlers from Sumatra left a legacy of a unique social system as well as architecture. The Malays of Negeri Sembilan still practise the Adat Perpateh, a matrilineal social system peculiar to this State. Fine examples of traditional buildings in the characteristic Minangkabau-style, with sweeping buffalo horn-shaped roofs are still to be seen in outlying towns such as Sri Menanti, Terachi and Linggi. The tourist attractions of the State vary from destinations of historical interest such as the Royal Museum in the royal town of Sri Menanti; to Port Dickson, one of the oldest beach resorts; recreational parks and hot springs.

Places of Interest

Towns & Infrastructure
• Seremban
• State Secretariat Building
• Seremban Lake Gardens
• State Museum
• State Library
• State Mosque
• Rumah Contoh Minangkabau
• Istana Sri Menanti
• Culture and Arts Museum, Seremban
• Port Dickson
• Fort Lukut
• Pedas Hot Springs and Water Theme Park
• Pengkalan Kempas
• Ulu Serting

Natural Attractions
• Pedas Hot Springs
• Ulu Bendul Recreational Park
• Rumah Api Tanjung Tuan (Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse)

Islands & Beaches
• Port Dickson

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