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Besides being a major duty-free port, Labuan also has other tourist attractions like wreck diving spots, water villages, a War Memorial, golf courses and the Peace Park. Of course, one cannot afford to miss out on the great duty-free shopping available on the island.

Labuan Places of Interest

  • World War II Memorial
    The beautifully landscaped cemetery is dedicated to 3,900 Australian, New Zealand and British servicemen who lost their lives during World War II. A section is also dedicated to the Indian soldiers of the Punjab Regiment.

  • Peace Park
    The Peace Park is a memorial dedicated to the fallen soldiers of World War II. The park is located next to the site where the Japanese surrendered to the Allies at the end of World War II.

  • Jamek An’Nur Mosque
    The pride of Muslims on the island, Masjid An’nur Jamek is a beautiful mosque featuring futuristic architecture.

  • Labuan Square
    A popular place for an evening stroll, Labuan Square is a fascinating park with neat lawns and flora indigenous to the island.

  • Ayer Village
    At Kampung Air (Water Village), visitors can see traditional stilt houses joined by a maze of inter-connecting wooden walkways.

  • The Chimney
    Located at Tanjong Kubong, The Chimney is a relic from Labuan’s coal-mining era from 1847 to 1912.

  • Labuan Town
  • Labuan Market
  • Labuan Golf & Country Club
  • Pulau Kuraman
  • Papan Island, Daat Island, Burong Island.
  • Wreck Diving

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