A dynamic town with modern telecommunications facilities, Labuan has been declared a federal territory as well as an International Offshore Financial Centre.

Labuan comprises one main island and 6 smaller ones with a total area of 92 square kilometres and a population of 65,000.

The beautiful island of Labuan is situated 8km off the coast of Sabah on South China Sea. Since the island was made a federal territory in 1984, it has become a free port and an international offshore financial centre.

In Labuan, you can visit the colonial Botanical Gardens, World War II Memorial, the challenging golf course and the world-famous wreck sites. Deep under the waters here lie a few shipwrecks dating back from World War II. Arrangements can be made with local travel agencies to explore these marvellous wrecks.

Labuan Area: 91 square km

Labuan Capital: Victoria

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