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KL Public Transportation

KL Monorail
The KL Monorail is an inner-city public transit system that serves the central business, hotel and shopping district of Kuala Lumpur. The 8.6km long, dual guideway, straddle-beam elevated monorail system will begin from the Pekeliling Bus Terminal in the north, pass through Kuala Lumpur’s ‘Golden Triangle’ before reaching KL Sentral in Brickfields. Fully elevated with 11 stations, the KL Monorail is capable of handling up to 20,000 passengers per hour per direction, operating at up to 2 minutes headway between trains.

KTM Commuter
The air condition air-conditioned KTM Commuter trains operates in two routes, from Rawang to Port Klang and from Sentul to Seremban. Between those routes, the train will stop by several station. This is the best transportation if your tour trips start from Kuala Lumpur up to Mines Resort City.

The STAR LRT system has two line, Sri Petaling to Sentul Timur and Ampang to Sentul Timur. Both line will transit at Chan Sow Lin Station. Every station has signage and a transit system map. From there you can determine your destination station.

Tickets can be bought either from the tickets machine or the ticket counter. Enter the rail system through the automatic gate and wait for a train. Each train will enter the station one in every 5 minutes. Feeder bus services are available at any station to the route destinations with a fare of 50 cent per trip.

The LRT System 2 known as PUTRA LRT, covers a total distance of 29 km linking the eastern and western suburbs of Kuala Lumpur servicing some of Kuala Lumpur’s most affluent and heavily populated areas.The total alignment which starts from the Depot in Lembah Subang and ends at Terminal PUTRA in Gombak is 29km in length. The line was divided into two sections; section 1, which is from Lembah Subang Depot to Pasar Seni Station and Section 2, which is from Pasar Seni Station to Terminal PUTRA.

All trains are fully air-conditioned and provide a service level of 90 seconds during peak hours and between five (5) to ten (10) minutes during off-peak hours. The service is provided from 6.00 am until 12.00 midnight, on Monday – Saturday, and 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. on Sunday and Public Holidays. Tickets are available at the station ticket counter.

For the convenience of commuters, PUTRA LRT provides dedicated feeder bus service within 3-km radius from each station. Bus schedules are posted at major bus stops. The operational hours coincides with the LRT operation hours.

It is recommended for those who wanted to do the city tour to use the LRT and Commuter transportation facility.

Public Cab
Taxi stands are often found besides bus stop. To take a taxi, just queue up if have to, board the vehicle and announce the destination. The fare is based on distance and the taxi are equipped with fares meter. It’s easy to get a taxi in the city and most of the city public taxi are in red and white color.

Additional charges of RM 1 are charge for extra luggage put in the boot and if you take a taxi between midnight to 6 am, there will is a 50% surcharge from the fare.

Public Bus
Two main city bus that companies are Intrakota and Cityliner, both are air conditioned. Others are Metrobus and Len Seng Bus. Their route are to all place in the Klang Valley. It’s easy to get bus in the city as they will stop at all bus stop in their route.

There will be a number and a destination board in front of the bus, make sure you take the correct bus to ensure you’ll reach your correct destination. Intrakota charges flat rate of 90 cents per trip while others depends on the location.

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